Social buttons under widgetI was working my website content the other day and I noticed something weird. The social buttons, from the “Twitter Facebook Social Share” plugin, were showing underneath some of the footer widget area’s. They where only showing themselves on the blog page and not on the front or other static pages.

I use the genesis framework for WordPress with a child theme and do a lot with widgets. I created a couple of pages to solely use as widget content. These pages are not shown in the normal website or menu. The mostly used widget in question I use for this, which is part of the genesis framework, is called “featured page”.

I’m a big fan of the “Twitter Facebook Social Share” plugin for it’s convenience and easy of use.
I disabled the ‘show on page’ flag in the plugin because I don’t want the button bar on every page. Let alone under my widgets. They showed up under these widget content pages only when going to the blog post page. It must have been a selection or loop that included the posts somehow. Not wanting to dig in the code because that wouldn’t help other WordPress users I found a solution.

The “Twitter Facebook Social Share” plugin supports a custom field that enables you to exclude on per post base.

Custom field to manipulate social buttons under widget

Create a custom field called “disable_social_share” and set it’s value to “yes”. That way the plugin will not display the social share buttons for that page, ever. This way, when moving around widgetable content, there’s never a button poping up in a place it doesn’t belong.

It you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Happy sharing!